About us

Capreae Sirenum Tellus, from the Latin “Tale of the Sirens of Capri” as the legend of Aeneas narrates by Virgilio, the ancient poet. Creatures able to capture the attention of the sailors, so the association wants to fascinate the curiosity of those who by birth or by adoption feel they belong to the island.
The association starts its journey in the 2020 with the first edition of the Capri Movie International Film Festival, a debut event that opens to a rich and multifaceted production.


Our love for this land unites us in a single goal, the one of re-evaluating the historical, artistic and cultural heritage present on the island of Capri.

We will not dwell only on what has been and what is, but on what will be. An island like an international hub where artists of all shapes and forms will be free to express themselves and interact, creating new connections supported by us and exposed to the whole world through the exclusive visibility that only Capri boasts.


Francesca Girone


She was born in Naples but between one step and another her orbit has never been too far from the island.

She has traveled, lived and loved many places in the world but no one has managed to conquer her in the thought and in the heart as her first love with Capri.

Through her art history studies, she was able to deepen many of her passions with the creation of various projects including the organization of the antiques exhibition at the Royal Palace of Portici. Just as Capri’s bougainvillea begins to bloom timidly but rooted in the soil, so Francesca anchors herself to the land of this island with respect and love, which she wants to show in the socio-cultural re-evaluation of the social fabric of Capri.


Flavia Mauro


She was born in the mid-90s in Capri, an island that gave her the opportunity to relate to people who came from all over the world to observe its natural beauties or just to enjoy its worldly life. With her eyes full of imagination she told the story of her world to those who lusted to listen to her, and as she grew up she tried to satisfy that constant dose of curiosity that led her to study History of Art in Siena and Management of Cultural Heritage in Milan, almost as if to give a pinch of reality to the dream.

The involvement with which she as a child told her stories about her land has never left her and she has now returned to the island with the desire to give voice to the places of the culture of her origins.


Nabil Pulita


He was born in Capri in a family that was always intent on social commitment.

Responsible and one of the founders of many island’s associations, of ecological ideas, he represents a point of reference on the island for the national environmentalist world.

As a restorer and conservator of works of art and cultural heritage, he adds to his work the passion for history and love for the island with a large press review and various publications on various aspects of the island of Capri, including the first book on the paths of Capri.

To the continuous knowledge of him he combines the defense of the island’s capresitĂ  and its cultural enhancement.